Some great and practical ideas, thanks for sharing…I think proximal advantage was first studied and made explicit by Sociologists, was Thomas Allen a Sociologist?

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I’ve been speaking a lot with Brian Moon from Perigean Technologies about the need for KMers to formalise the water cooler;  the talks that happen through not-so-chance encounters that take place at the fount (or font, depending on your preference) of all knowledge, the water cooler.

…Every office space has its expert, its own John of Damascus, s/he stops at the water cooler and is soon joined by desk pilgrims in need of guidance (I would hesitate a guess that we have all done this at some point in our careers).  Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be the water cooler, it can be the stairs, a table at the coffee bar, the vending machine; all lay claim to be the shrine of the modern fountain of knowledge…the idea of a water cooler as a metaphor was just too much to resist… Any venue will work…

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