World Youth Report puts Focus on Skills

“Some of the views in the report point directly to the kinds of policy questions that are preoccupying governments – and employers – eager to match skilled jobs with skilled workers.

According to the young people cited in the report:

  • public and private employers need to collaborate more effectively with educational institutions;
  • vocational training needs to be made more available and accessible;
  • employers need to value vocational training, apprenticeships and non-formal training more highly;
  • labour market needs should be analysed continuously and extensively;
  • education and training programmes should be tailored to labour market needs.”

The above links closely to the New South African Post-Secondary Education Green Paper. However, in my view not all education programmes should be tailored to labour market needs – we should avoid commodification and flattening of all Higher Education to a labour market technicist paradigm. (accessed 21/03/2012)

What do you think?


  1. “Another perspective on skills comes from Ariel Fiszbein, chief economist for the Human Development Network at the World Bank, writing on the Bank’s Education for Global Development blog. He says that as well as a “skills gap” there is also a knowledge gap: “we really don’t know what the best way is to ensure that people acquire the needed skills – or what skills truly are needed.”
    The two key questions to ask, Fiszbein says, are “Which skills are missing?” and “Given the apparent high return of having the right skills, why aren’t firms and individuals investing in these skills themselves?”
    Reference: (accessed 21/03/2012)

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