University of South Africa Educators visit HCCC

University of South Africa

University of South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











Herkimer, N.Y. — From Little Falls Times – Article: By Nichole Grant

Reference link Ray Jimenez: (Accessed 07/04/2012). Permanent link to read more:

Educators from the University of South Africa presented on the topic:

“South Africa in Transition: The Potential Impact of Higher Education on Cultural and Economic Prosperity”

at Herkimer County Community College on Wednesday. The university is in transition from traditional teaching methods to the new technological signature course project.

UNISA’s course work is being redesigned by several educators from UNISA as well as by HCCC Professor of Social Science William Pelz…

“The University of South Africa is implementing fundamental pedagogical and curricular delivery improvements that will have a positive impact on their students…

UNISA Instructional Designer Marinkie Matiope said, “prior to 1994 based on skin color teachers were taught differently. White teachers were taught for four years and black for two years. Because of this, many teachers have been ill prepared and this is a huge problem…”

According to O’ Hara, “Faculty and students are excited and desperate for the signature course project.” UNISA students will be able to register for the new signature course classes in 2013.’

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