Funk's House of Geekery

Story: Robert Kirkman

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Shawn Martinbrough


There is only so much I can say about Thief of Thieves before I start getting repetitive. Yes, this issue continues to use dialog-less series of images that go above and beyond what any of its peers are doing as far as depicting emotional resonance. And yes, it is also successfully using the art of conversation as a stand-in for the fast-paced violence most comics jump for.  For those reasons alone, Thief of Thieves is worth picking up. And it is worth repeating how great it is at doing both.

This new issue starts off with a page of wordless panels of Conrad watching his son chase fireflies. It is striking and poignant scene. The next panel is a zoomed in look at Conrad’s open eye, implying he is waking from a dream. Thief of Thieves is strangely cinematic that…

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