Day: May 4, 2012

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Six Vintage-Inspired Animations on Critical Thinking

One of my favourite topics- Critical Thinking – not made explicit enough in most skills training programmes –  and this article on brainpickings is just incredible! Way to go Maria Popova. Go and see for yourself.

A field guide to the art and science of the solid argument.

“The animations — which are part Minute Physics, part The Dot and the Line, part60-Second Adventures in Thought — are released under a Creative Commons license and cover the basics of logic and the scientific method, as well as specificpsychological pitfalls like confirmation bias and Gambler’s Fallacy.”

Affirmations: BS or Valuable Personal Development Technique?











Article by A J Kumar: Affirmations – in my experience they do work. It’s a matter of creating a different habit pathway, one that is positive rather than negative. See more at the link below:

“If you’ve read my past posts, you know I think that the “Law of Attraction” – by itself – is pretty much bogus.  I mean, really – you can sit around on the couch all day, wishing and hoping for a fit body, a million dollars and a supermodel girlfriend.  But until you actually take action to bring about these dreams, you’re not going to get an inch closer to achieving your goals.

Unfortunately, the universe isn’t just sitting around, waiting to fulfill your every desire.  Instead, you’ve got to bring about the changes you want through a combination of concerted effort and mental re-programming.”

Go here: (Accessed 04/05/2012).

Extreme Sidewalk Chalk











“We all messed around with sidewalk chalk when we were kids. Who knew we could actually make a living doing it?

These artists have taken sidewalk chalk to the extreme.”

Just amazing go here to see more at Nick Cannon a feast for the eyes for the day: