Prior Learning

By Dean Dad from Inside Higher Education – very interesting piece about Prior Learning:

“If you haven’t seen Paul Fain’s piece in IHE about credit for prior learning, check it out. It’s a great introduction to a topic that it ready to break big over the next couple of years.
The piece points out, correctly, that two major national organizations — ACE and CAEL — have established increasingly popular protocols for measuring prior learning and awarding appropriate academic credit.  Campuses have generally been circumspect about mentioning that, for reasons both valid and, well, not as much.
A few thoughts on prior learning from a community college perspective:
1. We need to be absolutely clear on the difference between “prior learning” and “life experience.”  They are not remotely the same thing…
2. Faculty resistance and conflicts of interest.  The folks on the non-credit/corporate training side of the college have been pushing “credit for non-credit learning” for years.  I’ve been reluctant to move too quickly on that for fear of setting off thermonuclear war with the faculty, who would likely respond to any hint of alternate routes for academic credit as an existential threat. It’s a sticky area… “


To read more go here at Inside Higher Ed


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