Live & Learn

Sendak, in his quote below, summarizes my operating philosophy.

I’m certainly not the most intelligent leader. (Thundering applause in the stadium from my team – – in complete agreement.)

And, not the best strategic operator.  Or even possess average analytical skills compared to the crackerjacks I’m surrounded by. (Roof coming off stadium  – Team giddy in agreement.)

However.  However, as to fierce honesty” – FIERCE HONESTY, there’s no doubting the boss on his proclamation of competence in this area. (You can now hear a pin drop.  With murmurs and grumbling oozing out of the rafters.)

Don’t let your team down.

Don’t let your team members get unfairly punished.

Don’t let your team “be dealt with a boring, simpering, crushing-of-the-spirit kind of way.”

In other words, L-E-A-D.

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