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Amy Cuddy

Snap judgements of others

Amy Cuddy starts by asking us to pay attention to what we’re doing with our bodies. Are our shoulders hunched? Are we trying to not bump into the person next to us? Are we sprawled out?

“We’re fascinated with body language,” she says. We dissect and analyze and judge people, and in particular we scrutinize public leaders. A handshake, or lack of one, can have us talking for weeks. (Such as a remarkable moment with Gordon Brown and Barak Obama.)

When we scrutinize ourselves, we think about how other people are judging us. We’re not wrong to do so. “We make sweeping judgments and inferences from body language,” and those judgment can predict enormously important life outcomes, “Like who we hire or promote, or who we ask out on a date.”

Constant judgements of ourselves

But, says Cuddy, there is another half that we ignore, another audience. Ourselves…

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