Visual Portfolios Online

I really like this idea since I am very visual myself.

Job Market Monitor

Name: Pathbrite

Quick Pitch: Pathbrite offers students and young job seekers a way to present their accomplishments holistically online.

Genius Idea: The digital platform lets users construct visual portfolios by pulling in representative pieces — pictures, links and published work — of themselves into one place.

From online media to search, the web is becoming more visual. Online resumes may be next for a makeover.

Pathbrite is a San Francisco-based startup working to replace one-dimensional, text-based resumes with visual portfolios online with easy-to-spot contact information. Like with, users can link their Pathbrite page to various social network accounts.

Portfolios are attractive, clickable and full-bodied on Pathbrite. By adding content they’re proud of on one web page, users can show recruiters why they’re special. Featured articles, writing, pieces of code, design projects and videos are encouraged.

Pathbrite is a place online where users can display things they’re proud of, but…

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