Looking at feedback strategies on written work

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This next session from the University of Wyoming Technology Bootcamp is on feedback strategies for written work presented by Rick Fisher, Meg Van Baalen-Wood, Tricia Giovacco-Johnson, and Kaijsa Calkins.

This session will explore approaches to responding to written work and other individual and collaborative assignments. The panel will talk through and illustrate their audio (podcasting), video (Camtasia/Jing), and written (MS Word) forms of feedback to students. We will also discuss our efforts to use comments as part of a larger feedback loop to promote ongoing student learning.

Meg is demonstrating adding comments to a document. She uses critical questions to analyze student work rather than act as an editor. She discussed the track changes feature in MS Word and the limitations. Instead, she prefers the commenting feature. She ties her comments to a grading rubric. Meg maintains a bank of comments that she reuses when responding to students. She uses…

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