Using Content Curation as a Source for Perfect Content Marketing Mix [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Content Curation as Source of Content Marketing

Don’t have enough time each day to create original content? 


The visual explores how curation can become an effective tool to incease visibility, boost SEO and establish thought leadership. Yes, you don’t have to constantly create original content to effectively showcase your knowledge about a topic but carefully handpicking the best content sources and amassing or putting them together in a way that clearly explains all strong points will help you produce an organized content.


Key Takeaways:
– Creating original content is the biggest obstacle for 73% of content marketers.
– 75% of marketers cannot justify spending the time needed to create original content for their audience.
– There are a variety of tools developed within the past 3 years that can help marketers and content curators gather the most relevant content, re-purpose it, and present it to their audience in unique ways.
– 85% of brands use content curation to establish thought leadership, and 80% say it enables them to increase brand visibility

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