40 Things Best To Know When Starting A Career

Job Market Monitor

  1. The career you think you’re going to have? This is not the career you’re going to end up with. The job you went to college for? That’s not the job you’re going to end up with.
  2. You will spend a good portion of your work day with nothing to do.
  3. Meetings almost never solve anything and never end on time.
  4. You will seriously embarrass yourself, and possibly endanger your career at at least one (and maybe more) of your office Christmas parties.
  5. Trusting co-workers can be bad for your career.
  6. The movie Office Space isn’t just a comedy.
  7. Pay is really about sitting or standing. The more you are sitting, the more you get paid.
  8. Having a passing knowledge of current sports events is a critical skill for office small talk.
  9. You’re probably way, way overeducated for the job you’re in. A good $30 thousand of those student loans you’re…

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