Instructional Design Fusions

It’s hard enough to craft good operational objectives to address desired performances (what you want people to do to accomplish particular organizational outcomes). But what about objectives that tackle how people feel about certain things? In my field, we know that the hardest part of patient safety objectives is often not the technical work but the adaptive work needed to make that technical work effective.

For example, my instructional goal might be to “get senior executives to value the opinions of frontline staff.”

Where to start?
You still have to take that step of asking: What does success look like if I achieve that objective? But how do you describe the success of winning someone’s heart as well as her mind?

Krathwhol’s taxonomy
Krathwhol (who worked with Bloom) crafted a taxonomy to describe how individuals process learning on an affective or emotional level.

There are 5 levels to the…

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