Lessons from Nepal: Don’t squash that spider

Love, laugh, be light

We scream and squirm as the spider crawls back and forth on the ceiling near our beds.  It peers down at us and surely wonders, what is their problem? Did I do something? Jeanne instructs me on what she thinks I should do, and I respond with what I think she should do. She moves a chair over and tells me to get on it, slide a piece a paper under the spider and catch him in a cup.  I tell her that is a fantastic idea, thank you for sharing, and that she should do it.  We giggle for a moment and then return to our moment of frenzy.

Feeling helpless, I reach for a bottle of bug spray and step up to confront the spider. He dances further down the wall to linger almost directly over my bed.  Jeanne laughs and I shout out: enough already! I…

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