UK / CBI fear skills shortage

The overarching position of attitude is indeed enlightening. Attitude has come through in all my training as an umbrella under which everything else falls. Control of one’s attitude applies whether in conflict resolution, meetings, teams, ethics in fact cross-cutting all business areas. Thanks!

Job Market Monitor

There is a stubborn shortage in the skills the UK needs to remain competitive and fuel long-term growth, according to the annual CBI/Pearson Education and Skills survey published today.

The key findings from the survey of 294 firms, employing 1.24 million workers show:

• 39% are struggling to recruit workers with the advanced, technical STEM skills they need – with 41% saying shortages will persist for the next three years.

• almost half lack confidence in getting high-skilled workers in future overall – with more acute concerns in key sectors like manufacturing, construction and engineering.

• we still tolerate a long tail of low achievement on literacy, numeracy and technical skills, with 48% of firms putting on basic remedial training for employees – up from 42% last year.

• 55% say school leavers lack the right work experience and key attributes that set them up for success, including self-management (54%)…

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