Technology Skills Gap: Fact or Fiction? Part I (Video)

Job Market Monitor

Many organizations are looking to take advantage of technologies like unified communications, mobility, big data, and cloud solutions (to name a few) to enhance business operations and remain competitive in their sectors. Implementing and supporting such solutions requires highly specialized engineers to design, install and manage networks as the backbone of these deployments.

To address these growing concerns, companies like Cisco have implemented unique measures to set up programs that produce high-quality talent on a global scale. The intent is not focused on one company’s ability to hire, but rather, having hirable talent available to the technology industry at large.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the myths and realities of the technology skills gap with Gary Beach, publisher emeritus of CIO Magazine, and author of “The US Technology Skills Gap.” Below is the first part of our conversation – watch and let us know what you think about…

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