Arianna Huffington Assesses the Realities of Workplace Burnout

Great article!


Once again, Arianna Huffington hits the nail on the head about what is happening in our 24/7 technology-oriented, always-on workplace. Her comprehensive view — Burnout: The Disease of our Civilization — captures how the culture of the workplace impacts our lives, our success and the success of our organizations.

In reading this astute assessment, I could not help but think of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s “Coming to Our Senses” and Kabat-Zinn’s crusade to bring mindfulness into everyone’s life. Like Kabat-Zinn, Ms. Huffington’s explores the benefits and need for mindfulness and other mind-body practices to address the stress, low productivity, lack of creativity — as well as failure — that result from burnout. Her Third Metric campaign is an important effort that will lead to needed change in our corporations and organizations. Let’s hope she and other thought-leaders continue to get traction in the business press and the mindshare of our leaders and executives.

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