Protein on a Vegan Diet?

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Plaid, Cats, and my other Favorite Things

For awhile now I’ve been slowly transitioning towards a Vegan diet. At home I eat mostly Vegetarian/Vegan (still haven’t completely kicked dairy at home), while when I’m eating out I still will eat animal protein here and there.

So of course when I was first learning about a vegan diet I found one of the biggest controversies is can you get enough protein?  Can you get complete protein?

The easy answer…of course you can!  Whole wheat, seeds, nuts, beans, lentils, and even vegetables all give you healthy sources of protein!  Before starting down this path I had never tried Quinoa, lentils, flax seed, some types of beans, or chia seeds (to name a few).  Now I’ve found I really love beans (especially kidney and chickpeas), and red quinoa is my favorite!


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