My 2014 Top 10 Tools for Learning

Thanks for sharing your top ten. Useful – most of mine are there but not Feedly and Diigo. I will go and check them out.

Mike Taylor

Learning Tools (1)

I’ve participated in Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools survey for several years now. I really enjoy seeing how the top ranked tools are evolving what others are finding most useful.

1. Articulate Storyline/Studio

2. Feedly – My feed reader to keep track of blogs and other things I want to follow online

3.  Twitter – Great way to find, follow and connect with an amazing network of people. I am @tmiket

4. WordPress – I run all of my blogs with WordPress including my weekly tech tips and Learncamp. So many ways to use it and super easy. It just works.

5. Google Search/Docs/Drive/Hangouts – Search is self-explanatory and  it is also the easiest way to collaborate on or share documents. You can host your elearning courses too!

6. YouTube – If your looking to learn something fast, YouTube will usually have the answer.  Also great for hosting the videos you create.

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