Pondering Panda Youth Report 2014 – South Africa

Pondering Panda have released a youth report surveying young people in South Africa, on various dimensions. Of particular interest to me are the views on education, employment and entrepreneurship. Police confidence is also another eye-opening dimension.


“Between June 2013 and January 2014 – 199589 interviews were carried out on mobile phones among younger South Africans between the ages of 13 and 34 (except for the ‘Marriage and Children’ study, for which 15 to 34 year olds were interviewed), using one of Pondering Panda’s respondent bases, the social network Mxit.”

72% of younger South Africans feel that unemployment is a big problem. 53% have been looking for jobs for more than 6 months. 33% feel there are not enough jobs. Of those who are employed 30% feel depressed, sad or bored. 18% of young people feel they do not have the right education, with 12% feeling they do not have the right experience.

Young people feel the biggest problems in education are the following:

1. Don’t have proper facilities

2. Alcohol and drugs

3. Overcrowded classrooms

4. Bullying and peer pressure.

Regarding entrepreneurship, 76% of young people felt, they would rather work for themselves. 66% felt that the government was not doing enough to help entrepreneurs.

With respect to police confidence, 73% felt the South African police force was mostly dishonest and corrupt. Only 45% of young people felt mostly safe at school, classes or work. Only 50% of young people sometimes but not always, felt safe where they live.

You can contact Pondering Panda for a copy of this report.




My Purple Cow is a Red Rabbit




Interesting New Ways to Define and Segment your Market


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Every company has a definition of their market and every company also identifies certain segments in that market; even if it’s in someone’s head. But it’s becoming painfully clear that the old and convenient ways of doing this are ineffective and significantly limit the potential of your business. All we need to do is look at the results and we can see that both dollars and efforts are wasted in the more traditional ways of viewing and getting to the market. They simply don’t work if your goal is to create enduring value for your customers.

As new channels – such as social media – emerge, marketers flock to them in droves, hoping this new access point will drive more valuable outcomes for their businesses, or their careers. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work any better in social media than it did in email, print or another other media you can think of. In fact, one-size-fits-none!

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What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day


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Remember when you used to have a period at the beginning of every day to think about your schedule, catch up with friends, maybe knock out a few tasks? It was called home room, and it went away after high school.

How much does the first hour of every day matter? As it turns out, a lot. It can be the hour you see everything clearly, get one real thing done, and focus on the human side of work rather than your task list.

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How One Website Fights Hunger with Gourmet Goodies

Article from Mashable – what a great start-up idea – article by Alex Fitzpatrick:

“NameLove With Food

Big Idea: It’s a subscription-based online food gourmet delivery service that sends tasty morsels directly to your door. For every box of treats it delivers, Love With Food donates an equivalent amount of money to a local food bank.

Why It’s Working: Smaller food producers often have trouble affording marketing and distribution services, and one in every five American children are going hungry. Love With Food is helping to solve both of those problems in one fell swoop.”

To read more go here:  http://mashable.com/2012/04/25/love-with-food-subscription/

Kickstarting: A Water Bottle That Tracks Its Own Eco Impact

From CoDesign Kickstarter: How amazing is this, it could really help change behaviour:



Why Older Entrepreneurs Have an Edge

Interesting article from Harvard Business Review By Mark Freedman. Go here to read more: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/04/why_older_entrepreneurs_have_a.html?awid=5229929512992532557-3271.

Finally… he approached Irv Reid, then the president of Wayne State University. Reid hired Charlton to bring his entrepreneurial instincts and accumulated experience to TechTown, a nonprofit business incubator Reid had spearheaded in the 1990s. Charlton’s assignment: To raise millions of dollars in funding, recruit legions of participating entrepreneurs, and train mentors to win the war on recession. With Charlton’s help, TechTown is sparking a small renaissance in entrepreneurship in midtown Detroit. Charlton’s effort to use his entrepreneurial instincts led not only to a job for himself, it helped create jobs for a lot other people, too…”


PrestaShop - Build an online store with PrestaShop - Free Open-source E-commerce Software

See Killer Startup Designs:

From: http://killerstartupsdesigns.com/15-startup-web-designs-01-04/

Personally I really like: Prestashop and Unbounce.

“Today everyone wants to be a part of a killer startup. You might already have a great idea and it might give you a hope that if it clicks you could be the next Mr.Facebook or Mr.Pinterest. But is it really all about the idea because Facebook was not the first social networking site, neither was Pinterest the first social bookmarking site. Even though there are a lot of things that come into play for a startup to be successful, a major junk goes to the design.”

Social Learning Infographics

The first graphic shows “What is Social Learning?” and is from SkillSoft on Overdrive Interactive: http://blog.ovrdrv.com/overdrive-develops-social-learning-infographic-for-skillsoft/ (Accessed 18/04/2012).

From Future Workplace:

http://futureworkplace.com/wp-content/uploads/Social-Learning-Infographic.pdf (Accessed 18/04/2012).

Follow this link to see the graphic: Social-Learning-Infographic

13 Simple Ways to Stay Efficient While You Work

Sharing ideas by Harrison Weber:

“In a constantly digital life, optimizing your workflow is one of the easiest and most effective ways to bolster your productivity. Plus, finding new ways to complete old tasks can help you pull yourself out of a rut while saving tons of precious time.”

As he says, sometimes small changes can make a big difference to how you do your job, so follow this link for 13 simple ways to stay efficient while you work:


Need to get stuff done? Shift your hours

I really enjoy this post and I think there is a lot of method in the so called “madness”. This is a really good way to be more productive.

“I’m going to let you in on a secret to getting more done. I truly believe it has helped me be more successful than ever in the past year.” By Mark Henson.

See SparkSpace – spark new thinking:


7 Online project management tools to keep you organised


http://www.openforum.com/articles/7-online-project-management-tools-to-keep-you-organized?extlink=em-openf-SBdaily (accessed 11/04/2012). When your to-do-lists are no longer able to cope. Here are 7 online project management tools that can help small businesses.