Formative Thinkers I Have Stumbled Across

Some of my theoretical influences


I have by turns come to know of powerful ideas and theories around organisational functioning, learning and workplace learning. Nonaka has inspired me with his model organised around tacit and explicit knowledge, which does not to my mind quite give the full picture. Somehow I feel the making of the tacit explicit is not as easy as Nonaka makes it seem. The key seems to be collaboration in communities of practice in a trusting environment.

Peter Drucker has been an inspiration and gives one a view of how to go forward. Soft systems thinking methodologies have shown me how to engage in an open discussion/cafe forum, in order to bring about change. These methodologies offer great potential for real change and innovation. Theories and ideas around Knowledge Management have given me insight into how to bring about system wide change and the importance of knowledge leveraging for growth into the future. Below these ideas will be expanded a little as straight forwardly as possible. Peter Senge and his ideas of the Learning Organisation have also been influential. Please see more at the link below:

A Better Way to Communicate

Today’s post is by bestselling author Seth Kahan.  It’s an excerpt from his book Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out.  You can learn more about him and his book at the end of the post.

In the conclusion to this post I would like to highlight the following:

“Most importantly by engaging our stakeholders using social construction you will be able to:
– Penetrate the demands and clutter that are part of business life.
– Break through the assorted messages the media constantly delivers.
– Get people’s attention and move forward to help them engage, get involved, and begin contributing.
– Coordinate this activity without formal authority.”

Check it out, great article:

A Better Way to Communicate.

What floats your boat? from Sonar6

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Leaving aside all the political correctness and the soft pseudoscience, what really, honestly motivates you to perform better at work?

Interesting site, great graphics: