The Danny Baker Story – How I came to write “I will not kill myself, Olivia” and found the Depression Is Not Destiny Campaign

Review of the Danny Baker Story:

In this heartfelt story, Danny makes it possible for one to feel in a very visceral way, the struggles he experienced with depression. The sincerity of the story is really touching. What is so wonderful is the triumph over this deep adversity. A story of hope for those who struggle with those “dark nights of the soul” ~ Saint John of the Cross. Danny has discovered his own meaning in reaching out to others, by starting a foundation/campaign to help those who cannot afford therapy. An excellent initiative.

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Photograph taken by Carol Knox at Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town.





94 Elements examines the human predicament through chemistry

A film project will reveal the human stories behind the elements and expose the startling rate at which we’re using them up – From the guardian.

“Depending on whom you ask, there are between 90 and 94 naturally occurring elements. For our new project, 94 Elements, we went with the higher figure. Number 94, plutonium, offers too many possibilities for documentary filmmakers to omit.

The stories of the elements are the stories of human life. Trace their patterns and they reveal the details of our personal lives, the state of our economies and our relationships with natural resources. Our bodies are mostly made from just six of them, each atom forged in the heart of a star perhaps now thousands of light years away. The universe is a fastidious recycler.”

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Affirmations: BS or Valuable Personal Development Technique?











Article by A J Kumar: Affirmations – in my experience they do work. It’s a matter of creating a different habit pathway, one that is positive rather than negative. See more at the link below:

“If you’ve read my past posts, you know I think that the “Law of Attraction” – by itself – is pretty much bogus.  I mean, really – you can sit around on the couch all day, wishing and hoping for a fit body, a million dollars and a supermodel girlfriend.  But until you actually take action to bring about these dreams, you’re not going to get an inch closer to achieving your goals.

Unfortunately, the universe isn’t just sitting around, waiting to fulfill your every desire.  Instead, you’ve got to bring about the changes you want through a combination of concerted effort and mental re-programming.”

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Synaesthesia, migraines and creativity

Interesting piece by Doug Belshaw on the topic.

“It was only about two weeks ago that I found out I’m a bit weird. I was listening to an episode of BBC Radio 4′s All In The Mind (listen), part of which was dedicated to synaesthesia. I didn’t realise that something I experience all the time actually qualifies as a mild form of the condition!

But what is synaesthesia? Nature defines it in the following way:

An unusual ‘mixing of the senses’ in which a stimulus in one sensory modality (for example, a sound) elicits a percept in another modality (such as visual perception of a colour).

All In The Mind explained that this definition can be widened to include something both I and my mother experience: conceiving of time as being physically and spatially located. It’s difficult to explain this in words, and my perspective and view on time changes depending on the period I’m ‘looking at’. ”

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Let’s Spy On The Computer Desktops Of Today’s Top Internet Artists

Article from CoDesign:

“If I wanted a quick way to gain insight into someone, I’d head straight for his computer desktop. Little reveals more about a person so economically. Are his icons arranged in perfect parallel lines? He’s anal-retentive. Is his background color dreary gray? He’s a bore. Does he have a basket of kittens for a desktop image? Clearly, we’re destined to be best friends. Desktops are like jumpology for the 21st century.” (Accessed 23/04/2012)


The Book of Symbols: Carl Jung’s Catalogue of the Unconscious

I came across this very interesting post on BrainPickings and just had to share:






“A primary method for making sense of the world is by interpreting its symbols. We decode meaning through images and, often without realizing, are swayed by the power of their attendant associations. A central proponent of this theory, iconic Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustaf Jung, made an academic case for it in the now-classic Man and His Symbols, and a much more personal case in The Red Book.”




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An incredible archive of symbols.