Licensed Performance Profiler IIBA


The cost effective and accredited way for your business to improve Teamwork, Communication and Productivity.

Teamwork, communication and productivity are the keys to success in today’s fast paced business world. In particular, the ability of people to relate well to others and communicate effectively, is vital. No matter what industry or profession your company is in, whether your staff deal with clients or just their own colleagues, the Performance-Profiling™ testing and training system produces positive business results:

Maximizes employee performance
Motivates teams and maximizes team productivity
Improves customer relations and service
Generates a very tangible increase in sales.

“Simple, practical, effective and intuitively understood!”

The International Institute for Behaviour Analysis (IIBA) licenses Trainers, Training Companies and Corporate Bodies to become Licensed Associates in order to fully utilize the Performance-Profiling™ testing system.


Our testing system is based on the theories of behaviourist Karen Horney (1885 – 1952), who did important research and produced a major treatise called “Self-Analysis” in the mid-twentieth century. Basically, everyone has ten human needs that develop in each individual from early childhood. These needs differ in their degree of influence on an individual’s behaviour depending on his or her upbringing. Based on her clinical observations, she then grouped these ten needs into three broad coping strategies. All of us are a combination of the three coping strategies defined by Karen Horney, (see scientific background on the website link below for more information).

International Institute for Behaviour Analysis:

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