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eTutor Reflections

eTutor Reflections.


31 Great Ways Universities are Using Google +

Shared from “Social media resources like Google Plus offer a great opportunity for growth in education through collaborative work, communication, and camaraderie. Many of today’s universitieshave recognized this incredible potential, and have put G+ to work on campus. We’ve discovered more than 30 great ways universities are currently using Google Plus, along with several ideas for the future. Read on to learn about the amazing possibilities that Google Plus offers for universities.”

Reference: (Accessed 24/04/2012).



PrestaShop - Build an online store with PrestaShop - Free Open-source E-commerce Software

See Killer Startup Designs:


Personally I really like: Prestashop and Unbounce.

“Today everyone wants to be a part of a killer startup. You might already have a great idea and it might give you a hope that if it clicks you could be the next Mr.Facebook or Mr.Pinterest. But is it really all about the idea because Facebook was not the first social networking site, neither was Pinterest the first social bookmarking site. Even though there are a lot of things that come into play for a startup to be successful, a major junk goes to the design.”

Beepmo – allows LinkedIn users to discover other users


From the Next Web Blog: “Beepmo launched in beta on February 1 this year and, in essence, it allows LinkedIn users to discover other users of the business social network and upcoming events in their area. That’s a distance of up to 100 kilometres away from your device, thanks to data from mobile networks.” (via Location-Based Beepmo Brings Social Discovery to LinkedIn)

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